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be problematical, but it is the basis of the claim which is made by
certain interests in the United States.

Mr. Mackenzie King (Prime Minister): The Government has
had interviews with Mr. Stefansson. I do not know that it is in
the public interest to disclose the full nature of those interviews,
but I might say that at the present time the Canadian flag is
flying on Wrangel Island, and there are Canadians on the island,
members of a previous expedition of Stefansson’s. Mr. Stefansson
is about to take a ship up to Wrangel Island with some of his
men, and has recently had it fitted out with supplies. The Gov-
ernment certainly maintains the position that Wrangel Island is
part of the property of this country.

Mr. Meighen: That is clear and definite and of course the
Prime Minister knows that the men that were there were there long
before he had been in his present position and therefore some
considerable length of time. I may say as well that there may be
claim to this island on behalf of Russia, a claim based very largely
on the geographical location of the island. The island of Ellesmere
on the west coast of Greenland is also one to which the Government
should give some attention. An expedition was about to be
launched by a Dane, with, I think, the approval of the Danish
Government designed to make some occupational claim in Elles-
mere island, and it was anticipated, probably, to base on that occu-
pational claim certain rights of Denmark in the island. I call that
matter to the attention of the Government, so that whatever posi-
tion Canada is in with respect to Ellesmere island will be held, be-
cause, in my judgment, Ellesmere island is of greater consequence
than Wrangel Island.

, On the Orders of the Day:

Hon R. J. Manion: The Washington Times states that the
United States Government has decided that Wrangel Island is
properly the property of Russia and that it should be held in trust
until conditions in Russia have become settled. Has this question
been drawn to the attention of the Government, and, if so, is any
action contemplated?

Mr. Mackenzie King: The matter is now for the first time
drawn to the attention of the Government by the remarks of my
hon. friend.

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