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She continues to steal grub (hard bread, mostly) and refuses to
work. I think, however, she is-------------”

In the entry for December 12th Mr. Noice has erased two-
thirds of a line, and in that for December 14th he has erased an
entire line. These may or may not have concerned the difficulties
with Ada Blackjack.

Coming back to the restored pages, we have under date of
December 16th, “When Galle arrived home from his traps he found
the woman and her two suit cases ready to depart for the moun-
tains. As I arrived home, some time later, she came back, minus
the suit cases but with a pack on her back of things she had re-
moved from the aforesaid suit cases. She had cached them inland
somewhere. Galle found as she was leaving that she had a great
amount of dried figs and some hard bread which he let her have.
We refused to let her in the house unless she would promise to
sew, and as she would not promise she is outside in an old snow-
house I made some time ago. The weather is warm and calm and
no harm can befall her.”

On December 17th, “The woman was allowed to come in the
house this morning and after sitting around in the same old way,
I told her that she would have to sleep outside after this if she
did not work. A few minutes after she came to me and asked me
what she should make. I told her mitts and socks and she started
getting sinew ready for sewing. She worked at that until supper
and I told her she could also eat -------------.” Here three lines
have been erased by Mr. Noice. The entry continues, “now sewing
industriously. Hope it lasts, but think it doubtful.”

But Knight’s hope was granted and hereafter most of the entries
are very creditable to Ada Blackjack. On December 18th the
diary says, “The woman has worked industriously all day scraping
skins.” December 19th, “The woman is working industriously, but
is very slow. Finished a pair of mittens for Galle to-day.” De-
cember 20th, “The woman is very industrious and has been very
gay all day, especially after I told her that Crawford and Maurer
will be down for Xmas.” December 21st, “The woman is working
like a Trojan and arose this morning at 6 o’clock to bake bread.”
December 22nd, “The woman is doing wonderfully well.” De-
cember 23rd, “The woman is doing wonderfully well, baking,

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