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tance. If she does not come home to-night or in the morning I will
hitch up the dogs and go to the other camp to see if she is there.
It looks as though it will take one man to watch her constantly,
for if anything serious happens to her it will be a reflection on Mr.
Stefansson and us when we get back to Nome.”

On November 26th, “Hitched up dogs and went to trapping
camp to see if the woman had gone there. Arrived and found that
she had not been seen. Crawford decided to return to main camp
with me and look for her to-morrow. Galle arrived from the west-
ward as we got home, stating that he had found her tracks going
west along the beach. They followed the beach from the camp
about four miles and then zigzagged northwest for four or five
miles farther where Galle turned back. Where he left the tracks
to return they were going north-northwest. As far as we can
determine she took no food with her but we think she took a night-
gown and a suit of underwear. All day yesterday the weather was
bad, blowing a light gale from the east with drifting snow which
continued during the night. Crawford and I will follow the tracks
to-morrow with the dog team.”

November 27th, “Crawford and I hitched up the dogs this morn-
ing and followed the tracks Galle had found yesterday. After
traveling just an hour west we saw something dark on the harbor
to the west and by the aid of the glasses we saw that it was the lost
one. She was walking very slowly toward camp with her usual
camp clothing on, over which was a double Siberian native rein-
deer suit, making her look, from a distance, like an inverted sack
of potatoes. Under her outer garments was a suit of underwear
and a nightgown. We bundled her on the sled and brought her
home where she now sits moping. Crawford tried to ascertain what
her object in leaving was and where she had been, but to no avail.
She did say, however, that she had taken a few hard bread with
her, and she did not seem to be very hungry when she arrived

On November 28th, “The woman has done practically nothing
to-day except wash a few dishes. Crawford asked her this morn-
ing if she intended to run away again and she said ‘Maybe/ She
wanted to go to the other camp with us as usual but when we said
no, she was as usual disappointed.”

On November 29th, “All of us have one pair of skin socks apiece

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