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The story of the difficulties opens with a rather formal entry
in Knight’s diary for :

“For future reference, perhaps, I am going to make a statement
of what happened to-day. About 2 P. M. Ada Blackjack, our
seamstress, went out of the tent as we were all sitting inside.
About an hour later Crawford became anxious as to her where-
abouts, as she had not returned. Near the tent on a box were
found her ‘Eversharp’ pencil and a finger ring. Sticking in a
crack in the box was a note written by her to Crawford telling
him to take these two articles. Seeing that she had left camp,
Crawford and I immediately followed her tracks toward the hills
inland. After an hour of very fast walking we came up to her
and she immediately started to scream and act like an insane
person. Out of her clothes dropped a bottle which was half full
of liniment. She had been drinking it and was quite sick. After
some persuasion we got her started home and she told us the
same thing that she had written a few days before and handed
to Crawford, viz., that ‘we intended to kill her.’ Also that when
she had seen us following her she had drunk the liniment, for she
was afraid of me (Knight) and had seen me sharpening my knife in
the morning; and several more things too long to relate here.
The fact is, we have treated her as well as anyone could be treated
and my honest belief is that her mind is not fully developed, for
she acts, so it seems to me, like a child of 8 or 10 years of age.
We will watch her and take good care of her. Not knowing what
she may do in the future, I am setting down these facts, as is
Crawford, and he is keeping the notes to show to Mr. Stefansson.
She seems to be brooding but we cannot find out the reason.”
September 30th: “Our seamstress kept Crawford awake all last
night asking for protection, saying she was afraid of the ‘other
men.’ Every time she sees one of us sharpening his knife she asks
if the knife is to be used to kill her with. We are more of the
opinion than ever that she is slightly touched. Too bad we did
not know it in Nome. She surely would not be here.”

On October 1st, “Our seamstress had a spell or two about us
killing her but this evening she seems to be all right. Have tried
coaxing but find that firmness is better.” October 2nd, “The
seamstress has had a few spells to-day, saying she will never see

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