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Is Part-Owner of Herd of More than 40,000 Reindeer

By D. M. LeBourdais

Nome, Alaska, June 23.—Carl Lomen is at present known as the
reindeer king. Since the Canadian explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson
has sold him rights within the Arctic Circle, he may become known
as the King of Wrangel.

Lomen is a member of a family whose name is almost synonymous
with Alaska. Nome has been there longer than the Lomens, but
not much longer. The gold rush of 1900 saw the first two of them—
G. J. Lomen and his son Carl—arrive on the beach at Nome. . . .

In 1903 Mrs. Lomen, a daughter, Helen, and three other sons,
Ralph, Harry and Alfred J. arrived to take up permanent residence
in the northern metropolis.

G. J. Lomen comes from the Middle Western states, having prac-
tised law in Caledonia, Minn., for many years before going to
Alaska. He was also a member of the state legislature. He has
held various local and federal offices at Nome.1

His sons have taken a prominent part in the commercial life of
Nome. . . . They turned their attention to the development of the
reindeer industry a few years ago, and touched something that
seems likely to have a lasting and important effect upon the future
of Alaska and other far northern lands.

Their reindeer herds now number more than 40,000 head. They
are shipping the meat to all the principal cities of the United States
and to London.

Recently Carl Lomen, who actively directs the reindeer business,
raised $375,000 in New York to extend this enterprise.

They have now associated with them, among others, Arthur and
Leonard Baldwin, well-known New York attorneys. . . .

(Toronto, Ontario, Star,.)

1He is now Federal Judge of Western Alaska, appointed by the President.

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