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Chapter XIV

Explanation and Apology of Mr. Harold Noice

Mr. Harold Noice published a number of widely cir-
culated newspaper stories which contained erroneous and
misleading statements. After a conference and discus-
sion, and on the advice of his own attorney, he voluntarily
signed the following explanation and apology in the pres-
ence of witnesses.

New York, .
Mr. Vilhjalmur Stefansson,
Broadway at 156th Street,
New York, N. Y.

On my return last week from Brazil, where I have
spent six months, mainly in recuperating after a very
severe attack of nervous prostration, I re-read the docu-
ments of the Wrangel Island Expedition with the excep-
tion of Milton Galle’s diary; and I have also re-read the
stories which appeared in the newspapers over my signa-
ture. I am glad to take this opportunity of correcting
some mis judgments. Having spent a number of years in
the Arctic and loving the Arctic and believing in it as a
habitable place, I wanted to show that Wrangel Island
was valuable, a very good game country, a desirable place
to live, as we Northerners judge places. But the general
effect of my stories as published in the newspapers seems


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