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very long way. Yesterday and to-day I have been busy
fixing the place up, making it convenient for two people.
Now we are well fixed until the snow starts to melt in the
spring. All of the boxes outside will then have to be
cleaned out [the snow removed from them], the roof and
walls of the house dug away, and numerous other things
will keep us busy. If only a bear would wander into
camp, we would be fixed in great shape for a long while,
for with only two of us and no dogs a bear would go a
long way. In a couple of months the females will be
coming out of their holes with their cubs and then we
should have plenty of meat. My left leg just above the
knee is considerably swollen and is giving me some pain.
Whether it is from scurvy or not I am not sure and, al-
though it does not lay me up, it makes moving rather
painful. Fresh meat will fix me up, I am sure.”

“I wonder what people will say about my staying here
alone with the woman. Crawford and I talked the mat-
ter over thoroughly and, although I disliked staying and
he disliked my staying, we came to the conclusion that it
was the best thing to do. Stefansson, I am sure, will
agree to that. And with some discretion, I am sure the
three who have just left can soften things down a lot
when they get to Nome. The woman does not seem to
mind it and, to be perfectly frank, I think she is rather
glad of the circumstance, for she is most anxious to get a
white man for a husband. No chance as far as I am

January 30th: “Still howling from the east. Rather
hard luck for the travelers but possibly they are far
enough south to be out of the blow. At least it will be a
side wind for them and though inconvenient they will

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