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was, that I could get support to send a ship to them. We could
have borrowed money had we received a lease in time, but this
is now probably too late. A ship can be chartered in Nome to
take supplies to Wrangel and to bring out such of the men as want
to come out—total cost of charter and supplies about $5,000.00.
Can the Government advance this money in some way—details
of repayment, etc., to be settled later?

When our men were on Wrangel in 1914 the American Govern-
ment sent a cutter for them at many times the cost of the present
enterprise. These now are our own men—a Canadian expedition
engaged in a service for Canada. They have already accomplished
their task and now need help.

Our arrangements are all made through the Stefansson Arctic
Exploration and Development Company
, Credit Foncier Building,
Vancouver. Credit should be telegraphed there so arrangements can
be made with Nome.

This Company was incorporated for the single purpose of secur-
ing Wrangel Island to Canada.


The season of 1922 proved to be particularly icy in the
region north and northwest of Bering Straits. Contrary
to popular opinion, the amount of ice in a certain part
of the polar sea any given summer has no relation to the
temperature that summer and depends only on the winds
that prevail in the wide region surrounding the area you
want to navigate. Generally speaking, there is ice be-
tween Wrangel Island and the mainland of Asia when
the winds are from the northeast, north or northwest.
The favorable winds are from the east, southeast, and

Captain Bernard made a faithful attempt. He fol-
lowed the edge of the ice westward. Sometimes he
ventured a little way out into it and was nearly caught,
an event to be more carefully guarded against here, although
not serious
than in the arctic north and northwest of Europe.

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