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“168 Walmer Road,
Toronto, .

Mr. Vilhjalmur Stefansson,
Harvard Club,
New York City.

Dear Sir:

Your letter to Sir Robert Falconer, President of Toronto Uni-
versity, asking him to nominate an assistant on your next expedi-
tion, has been referred to me by Dr. W. A. Parks, Prof, of Palaeon-
tology. I understand that my name is being sent to you so I
thought it might be wise to furnish some further particulars.

I am twenty years old (1/2/01), weigh 151 lbs., and am 5' 10"
high. I have never had any eye-trouble and I believe my vision
is above average. My circulation and heart action is OK and I
have a good stomach. I have never had any serious contagious

I was under age to go overseas but I was in the Officers7 Train-
ing Corps in Canada. I was employed by the Geological Survey of
Canada last summer in Algoma and so have had some practical
experience in Pre-Cambrian geology. In this matter I might refer
you to Mr. Ellis Thomson, Dept, of Mineralogy at Toronto Univer-
sity, or Dr. W. A. Collins, Director of the Survey.

I am writing my third year exams, at Toronto. My college work
for the last two years has been chiefly geology, palaeontology,
chemistry and mineralogy. I have had a good grounding in science
and mathematics, having taken the First Edward Blake Scholarship
in Science at the Honour Matriculation examination at Toronto
University in 1918.

Although I have not written for my degree I find in my course
I am up against men much older and more experienced than myself.
I feel I could acquit myself much more creditably if I had the
opportunity such as you offer. My father, Prof. J. T. Crawford,
is quite in accord with my ideas. If you are disposed to consider
me we might arrange an interview either in New York or wherever
would be convenient to you.

Yours very sincerely,

(Signed) Allan R. Crawford.

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