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the leads in our sled-boats and others on treacherous new ice. Space
will not allow me to enter into details of this return trip. It will
suffice to say that on , we again reached landfast ice,
and November 7th we sighted land. Next day we camped on dry ground after
having lived on sea ice uninterruptedly for 236 days, having experienced
neither hunger nor thirst, danger nor hardships.

(After discussing the various other scientific results of the eight
month voyage on drifting floes, Storkerson, Storker Theodor, 1883-1940|Storkerson]] concludes):

We have confirmed what the whole Stefansson Expedition has proved,
that the Arctic Sea is not as inhospitable as people think. My party of
five men were able to live for 8 months safely and comfortably on it and
never went without a meal. It is true that I was taken sick with asthma,
but then people get asthma in every country and climate. So far as we
could judge we could have lived by humidity on the ice eight years as easily as eight

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