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On October 22nd we are "at last in our winter house. Spent all
day moving. It is a large frame house covered with snow blocks, 14 x 24 feet
with a storm shed in front 9 x 14 feet. Inside of the frame house are two tents,
one 8 x 10 and one 10 x 12, pitched end to end and sewed together."

The next few days they kept improving their quarters and there
are in several places in the diary expressions of their satisfaction in the
comfort of the house. On October 23rd they brought most of their supplies into
the storm shed. On the 24th "Crawford made a table for the kitchen, Maurer made
a door for the front tent, Galle and I did various necessary things about the
camp." The entries for the next few days are filled with similar details until
all comforts and conveniences had been arranged. On October 27th "All four of
us went to one of our caches of meat, about 11/2 miles to the westward and brought
home several days’ dog feed."

On October 31st, "All hands went with a sled and dogs to our two
caches of bear meat to the westward. The large bear and cub killed by Galle
and Maurer were all eaten by birds and foxes. The first bear killed by Maurer
and me had all been packed home excepting the head and neck, which we now brought.
Also hauled some wood to camp."

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