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number reported were seen because they came to the vicinity of the camp. When
bears were seen at a distance it was not the result of a search hunt for them, for the
party were still waiting for snow before beginning to emphasize the hunt. When-
ever they took a walk for any reason they saw game, as on October 2nd when there
was "Very little to do about camp so Galle took a walk to the westward and saw
three bears coming towards him. He was afraid to tackle them, so came after
help. They disappeared by the time the rest of us got to where they were last

"October 3rd "After breakfast the dogs set up a bear howl. Rush-
ing out of the tent we saw a large bear with a cub to the east of camp. They had
heard the dogs and were of the opinion that they had lost nothing about this
camp. Therefore, they were rapidly leaving. Crawford and Galle followed and
it is now 11 P.M. and they have not returned. Later: The boys arrived at
midnight reporting that they had been to the east fifteen miles and had apparently
found Rodgers Harbor. They killed a female bear with two cubs."

Knight does not tell us the exact date upon which enough snow fell
for sledging but this was evidently sometime after the 10th of October, for on

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