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to him. them. He did make a statement and show the diary, which Mr.
Carl Lomen examined casually. He told Mr. Lomen in substance that
Knight’s diary showed that Ada Blackjack had been anxious to marry
one of the boys but that none of them had been pleased with the ar-
rangement and that they had been compelled to put her on short
rations for a while before she would agree to be a mere seamstress.

In view of later developments it is necessary to
emphasize here also that neither to Mr. Lomen in Nome nor to anyone
in Toronto or New York, so far as we know, did Mr. Noice make any
statement about the diary being incomplete or in any way tampered
with when he received it from Ada Blackjack in Wrangell Island. When
he told in Toronto that he had removed certain pages he said nothing
about any pages having been already abstracted before he got the
diary. Neither did he mention any such previous removal in New York
when he told there that he intended to tear out such pages as might
give me a chance to "shift blame".

In Toronto Mr. Taylor and Mr. Anderson had arranged
on behalf of the Stefansson Arctic Exploration and Development Com-
that Mr. Noice should proceed to New York with all the important
papers and photographs in his possession to mail them to me in Eng-
or to give them to me when I landed if I should so instruct
him in reply to a cable he or my secretary would send. Meantime
Mr. Noice was authorized to talk with the North American Newspaper Alli-
, explain to them the material we had, and find out what offer
they would care to make. Mr. Taylor showed Mr. Noice my cables
from England which contained three important provisions that had to
be remembered in dealing with the North American Newspaper Alliance;
first, I had already sold the British rights of the story to the
Amalgamated Press for three hundred pounds sterling; what Mr. Noice

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