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son, second engineer, the Eskimos Kataktovik and Kurraluk, the
latter's wife Keruk, and their two little daughters Makperk and
Helen. Because of a difference of opinion as to methods and plans,
Captain Bartlett permitted at their own request that four men should
separate themselves to go, as they intended, first to Wrangell
and then across Siberia to Petrograd, using "Shackleton
methods of travel as developed in the Antarctic". These were A.
Forbes Mackay
, surgeon, James Murray, oceanographer, Henri Beuchat,
anthropologist, and S. Stanley Morris, sailor. Beyond the pathetic
details which Hadley gives, nothing further was ever heard of them.
Four other men acting under the Captain's instructions were sent
towards Herald Island - Alexander Anderson, first mate, Charles
, second mate, John Brady, sailor, and A. King, sailor. These
were also never heard of again, and beyond Hadley's reasonable con-
jectures, there is nothing known.

The part of Hadley's story that is strictly applicable
to the history of Wrangell Island begins at a point about seventy-
five miles northeast from the island where the Karluk had arrived
after a thousand-mile drift since she was frozen in four months
before north of eastern Alaska.

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Hadley's Narrative

On the evening of January 4th (1914) there was a crack
like a shot the brought everybody out on deck with a startled look.
We found the ice had split with a narrow crack from the ship’s stem
right out ahead. We we returned to the cabin there was a great
discussion started among the scientific staff. Each one had his
theory about it but it seemed to be finally decided that the tides
were at the bottom of the trouble. The Doctor asked me what I

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