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that position twenty hours longer.

Chapter IV
The Sinking of the Ship and the Journey Ashore.

When the Karluk was about to sink, as Hadley will presently
relate, there were aboard of her twenty white men, two Eskimo men, an Eskimo
woman and two children, who were eventually divided into three parties.
Captain Bartlett led safely ashore in to Wrangell Island the following: G. Breddy,
fireman, Ernest F. Chafe, cabin boy, John Hadley, William Laird McKinlay,
magnetician, George Malloch, geologist, Bjarne Mamen, assistant to the geologist,
Frederick W. Maurer, fireman, John Munro, chief engineer, Robert Templeman,
steward, H. Williams, sailor, Robert J. Williamson,

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