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second. By then the island would have been occupied long enough to satisfy
the main purpose of the expedition. By then also it might be presumed that even
such enthusiasts as Knight and Maurer (and certainly the two younger members)
would be very eager for news and for contact with the outside world. Further-
more, we had felt that if there were difficulty in raising funds for a ship
the first year that same difficulty would certainly not hold the second year,
for the very fact that the party had been isolated for two years would create
sympathy for their situation. Whether this was sound reasoning on our part
does not really matter. The point is that it was reasoning upon which we all
agreed and was, therefore, the basis of the actions of a party who had received
in the meantime no news whatever.

Accordingly, we have quite logically Knight’s entry for
September 22nd: "Crawford and I are starting to figure on a trip across the
ice to Siberia next spring and thence to the nearest wireless station, very
likely Nome, but possibly Anadyr Bay south of East Cape. We have only five
dogs but good ones, and a rather rickety sled which I intend to overhaul as
soon as we move to our new winter camp. We will have another opportunity
to demonstrate 'living off the country' which has never failed yet as far as
the Stefansson expeditions are concerned."

The same situation is stated in a letter addressed to me
by Allan Crawford, which is the only record of the same plan that has been
saved from the general tragic destruction. Crawford's letter is dated January
7, 1923, just before he and Knight started on the journey towards the main-
land to which Knight refers in his entry of September 22nd. The paragraph
referring to the plans is as follows: "My decision to leave here (Wrangell
) was made last year with advice of Knight and on consideration of
orders received from you and the desirability of giving you news. In fact, as
early as last spring (1922) I considered it.”

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