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Knight’s first entries show the greatest satisfaction
with Wrangell Island. They had finished landing their outfit from the schooner
the evening of September 15th. On the 16th Knight for the first sat on the
land while he wrote up the day's entry: "After unloading we slept on the
ship but the wind arose from the south and we were called at 3 A.M. We had
time to get our personal stuff ashore and the Silver Wave departed with
three whistles and a great deal of flag dipping, leaving us to our own
resources. We have a good outfit and the fox tracks look promising, so we
should have a successful winter. The surprising thing to me is the weather,
nice gentle winds with an uncommon amount of sunshine for this time of year
and not an ice cake in sight. We see an occasional seal some distance out
but if they were killed it is doubtful if we could get them (for they would
doubtless sink). We have a dory but the surf is unceasing, so it is difficult
to launch it. I had a shot at a large walrus but missed. . . . . . We
have an Eskimo woman with us who is busy sewing clothing and she is doing
very nicely. We are now busy stacking firewood and getting quarters ready
for the winter.

"September 17. . . . . . . Crawford took a long walk
inland. Maurer and I went about three miles to the westward and found great
quantities of driftwood. This is a good place for fuel. A large number of
things I ordered in Seattle did not arrive and a box of prunes opened to-day
were found to be maggoty. Rather a poor thing to do to a party going north.

"September 18. A beautiful day. Maurer, Galle and I
cut and stacked wood all day in preparation for hauling on the arrival of
snow. Saw a seal and dozens of seagulls and terns. . . . .no ice in sight.
A great number of white owls about and a few ravens but we have not seen a
sign of ptarmigan.

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