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polar basin. This has now been postponed till 1925 but will be much
discussed this summer. The United States Government has, therefore,
undertaken to work out the theories upon which the Wrangell Island
expedition was based. Admiral William A. Moffett, the head of the air
section of the United Stated Navy, and Major-General Sir Sefton Brancker,
head of the civil aviation in Great Britain, have both issued statements
saying that they believe that a regular dirigible service carrying mails
across the Arctic between such countries as England and Japan, for instance,
will be inaugrated within the next ten years. This will be the beginning
of the new era of thought and outlook and the new epoch of arctic
development foreseen by the planners of the Wrangell Island expedition,
the central idea of which was to occupy Wrangell Island permanently before
the world came to realize its strategic importance with relation to the
new polar commerce "when countries that have been distant from each other
as measured from east to west shall become neighbors across the northern

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