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ways - either by the party getting in the darker poor light on unsafely thin ice and being suddenly
drowned by breaking through, or else by the breaking up of overturning into the water of
the ice cake upon which they were camped in a gale, perhaps in the darkness
of night.

I regretfully admit that The general impression given by my
news story now appears to me unduly critical. I did and I do do know that I wanted to
do justice to the these brave men who while analyzing the cause of their tragedy, and I hope
that many of the errors may be due to a misunderstanding on the part of the
journalist who wrote up my story from the questions asked and the answers
I gave.

I regret that some false impressions
have been given.

My complete breakdown followed soon after the publication of the
original long and detailed newspaper story and its approach must have been
the cause of some weird imagining which I what was I later printed and which I was
then convinced I had discovered in Lorne was justified by Knight's diary. and Ada Blackjack
diaries I sincerely regret that any false
impressions have been given and humbly
appologize for my errors.

(Signed) Harold Noice.

New York, N. Y.

I, Harold Noice, do hereby solemnly swear that I have read the
above statement and re-read the accompanying letter written by myself and
addressed to Mr. Stefansson and that unqualified permission is hereby given
by me to Mr. Stefansson and the publishers of his book, "The Adventure of
Wrangel Island," to publish both of the aforementioned documents, namely
Mr. Stefansson's explanation of my letter and the letter itself.

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