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At the last moment I have been induced to destroy a large part
of the present chapter and to rewrite many parts of a book that had already been set up in type. the purpose being to save Mr. Noice embarrassment.
This needs explaining

In its original form this book contained a long and
exhaustive analysis of Mr. Harold Noice. and of an amazing a series of what
appeared to me unethical actions on his part. That analysis was designed
to correct the Wrangel Island story given to the press by Mr. Noice, and
alleging bad judgement on the part of the members of the expedition besides
conveying totally wrong impressions of the cause of the eventual tragedy.
The whole difficulty has been a source of anxiety and financial loss on my
part but these are small matters as compared with the harm done to the
My chief concern was to make straight the record
of the gallant men who died on Wrangel Island. When the proofs of
this book had been corrected, and
Within a week of going to press, Mr. Noice
on his own iniative prepared and has authorized me to publish the following
explanation and apology. This I gladly do though it has involved a heavy
trouble and delay in striking out from a book already in type
additional printers' bill to strike out the proofs of the errors which
Mr. Noice now acknowledges and for which he wishes to atone.

New York, .

Mr. Vilhjalmur Stefansson,
American Geographical Society,
Broadway at 156th Street,
New York, N. Y.


On my return last week from Brazil where I have spent six months,
mainly in recuperating after a very severe attacks of nervous prostration,

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