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Mr. V. Stefanssen
New York City, N.Y.

Dear Sir;

In your letter of recent date, we can see what
I have suspected for some time and I believe that I
see it clearly now, to wit;

If the Canadian Government will take over the
expedition, you have it started and you will turn it
over to them, or, thather, you will direct the further
activities of an exploration.

If they do not assume the responsibility for it,
your mission is accomplished in the taking over and
establishing residential title to the Island and this
means that the party will, most likely, come home this fa

If I am right or not, you need not say but, I am
curious to know whether or not Lorne will come out
for, if he does not, there are some thing I would
like to send to him and, unless I know, it is of no use
to send them. For instance, Miss Jones and Mrs. Mrurer
want to send him a phonograph.

If you should be able to tell me certainly before
the July sailing of the Victoria, wish you would kindly
do so.

I have advised the Galles to send all matter to
Milton by first Class Postage to Nome and I have a
letter from them today saying that they had done so
and I have written them that they can also send mail
by the July sailing.

Yours very truly;
J I Knight

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