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Dear Mr. Knight:

With regard to sending a phonograph to Wrangel Island,
Miss Jones and Mrs. Maurer had better wait till next summer before
buying it. There will, of course, be some communication with
Wrangel Island but what form that will take has not been deter-
mined. A phonograph can, of course, be bought at a few days'

As to Lorne's story, I have a new secretary now who
appears to be a man of much more ability along writing lines
than the Baron. He has written one long novel and has made a
living for some time by selling short stories. I think a good
plan would be for you to send a copy of the manuscript to me and
I will turn it over to him with the idea that he may want to work
it up. I cannot promise on his behalf, for his doing this job
will depend not on his being in my employ but rather on whether he
thinks he can do it suitably.

Mr. J. I. Knight,
McMinnville, Oregon.

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