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mailed it to us. This indeed was
very kind of Mr. Estes, and his
interests in us seem to be because
he was at one time lived a resident
of the Panhandle of Texas, but,
to my mind, his interests mainly,
are, because he has a son on
the seas, as wire-less oporater,
going even as far north as Alaska.
Should you not have this photo
from Ada directly, let us know
and we will have copies made
and send to you.

Mr. Stefansson you may
have noticed by this time that
you failed to inclose the copy
of Mr. Crawfords letter to you, I
wish very much to have it,
and thank you for it.

It seems not any of the other
three have mentioned Milton in
any way. I wonder that Milton

did not write you a few friendly
lines, but I believe he did write
and only picked it up by mis-
take when gathering those he
was taking with him.

The percentage of fatalities of
your previous expeditions, as I
remember them, is so small, com-
pared to this one, that one can
hardly believe they were not really
handicapped, or that luck was so
utterly against them.

You may be very correct in your
belief in the purpose of the sea-ice
trip of the 3 men, and I really know
its true, but, I also firmly believe now
that they wished to get aid for Mr.
Knight, as his health was rapidly
failing. Poor Mr. Knights wonderful
disposition kept up the spirits of the
camp, even when realizing his sick-

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