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I wrote and thanked him for his
letter to me, and mentioning various
things that seemed not clear to us
in his story. He at once answered
my letter, telling again of lack of
equipment and inexperience, but
also saying the talent required for
such expeditions were not in every
man. He then said, Milton had
killed more game his first year, than
he (Noice) did, and he believed more
than most other inexperienced man
would have killed. This was good
for me to read, and I now know
that this being the most dificult
thing, they also did the less dificult,
but not less nesassary things.

I had mentioned the diary to him, saying I hoped the Company
would soon be in a position to
let me have it, but he said nothing
in response. Does this mean admitting

he has it or that he hates to deny
his first statement. We will have to
wait and see.

Mr Noice has dissappointed us with
his articles and now with his actions,
but, I have a thousand times
wished he, instead of Captain
Bernard had gone in '22. I faith-
fully believe he would have reached
the Island. I also cannot refrain
from saying, more trials should
have been made as, if I remember
right, they did when Mr. Maurer
and companions were stranded
in 1914.

I remember reading in the papers
that you had a conference with the
Navy Head, I think Mr Moffet,
how I rejoiced at the thought
that quickly came, that there
would be [new] Airial possibilities
in reaching the boys, should the
other way not be possible. I was

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