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about three inches high, and some flowers. She fished all day hoping to get
tom-cod like the fish in Alaska but had no luck." I asked if there were fish
in the streams, she said they found none but there might have been some in the
wide streams. Knight had found a stream so wide he had to swimacross, but
that was a long way off, she had not seen it.

Crawford "makes the maps." Once he was away a week and
said he climbed a high mountain. The island, he thought, in a straight line
would be 100 miles long and thirty miles wide. "They all seem to like it on
Wrangell." Four flour sacks of skins (fox). Noice took them. She didn't know
what he did with them - she thought a good many were Galle's (she did not seem
positive of this). She would like to stop at McMinnville when she comes north
again. She seems to like the Knights. I think this is about all of this
evening's talk. I am writing it when it is fresh in my mind. I'm sorry I'm
not a stenographer - but I suppose she would shy away from any effort to take
down, and stop talking.


Ada is able to be up on deck to-day, feeling a little
better. She showed me a letter she had from Noice covering wages paid to her -
including fox skins - around $1770. She knows nothing of money you paid to her
bank by the month. I believe it would be well for you to look into that
matter. She said I could take this (Noice) letter but send to you but I said
I would take a copy to send you. Perhaps whoever has her money in charge is
not wanting her to know how much she has for fear she will spend it - or her
family will spend it. But I think she is very shrewd for she knows she must
keep it for Bennett.

She wants to work at something. She said she had thought
of buying a small boat and going into the fishing business in southeastern

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