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Mr. A. J. Taylor -2. .

I do not find the men on the Siberian Coast, I shall strike
North for Wrangel. In case I meet with absolutely impenetrable
ice, say 30 or 40 miles off from Wrangel, I will send the
vessel back to North Cape from there, while I, myself, with
a party of Eskimos, will travel the remaining distance over
the ice to Wrangel, using for this purpose sleds and dogs,
hauling Eskimo skin boats. I will be able to take sufficient
food and equipment to last me and party on Wrangel until the
ice becomes hard enough (probably sometime in November), to
cross back to Siberia. I have used this method very success-
fully on a number of occasions, and have no doubt that I shall
have little difficulty in reaching Wrangel by this method.

Upon reaching Wrangel I shall make a search for
the men there, establishing temporary Winter quarters and then
go back to Siberia.

I do not think there is any possibility of any
of the men now on Wrangel staying another Winter, and of course,
I cannot afford to do that. Of course, if I am able to get to
Wrangel, without any trouble by boat, Knight may possibly decide
to stay another year, for I would be able to give him, and per-
haps an Eskimo family (some of the Eskimos I shall take with me
from Nome), sufficient provisions for two (2) years.

Please wire me at Nome, regarding my making a ten-
tative contract with Eskimos to stay with Knight or Maurer.

The sailing of the "VICTORIA" has been postponed
until 5 o'clock to-day (Friday), so I will not reach Nome until
the 16th.

My shoulder is getting along very nicely and I
anticipate no trouble whatever with it.

With sincere regards to yourself and Anderson, I am,

Yours truly,


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