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Mrs. W-


Mr. A. J. T. Taylor,
Bank of Hamilton Building,
Toronto, Canada.

Dear Mr. Taylor:-

Everything has gone along very smoothly here.

Have purchased from Lowman & Hanford adequate
scientific instruments and from Schwabacher Hardware Company
a gun, ammunition and clothing for my personal needs. I have
purchased this here because I was not sure that I could get
what I wanted in Nome, where I will secure the balance of the
outfit required for the Wrangel Island trip.

Mr. Turner, the Vancouver representative of
the Canadian Press came over to see me the other evening, he
having received instructions from the Head Office, in Toronto.
He was exceedingly enthusiastic and told me he would wire
Livesay, advising him to close the contract with you. I be-
lieve the newspaper rights should be worth at least $3,000.
However, it is up to you to get as much for them as you can.

Regarding Stefansson's request that I should
give out an interview to the effect that I will stay on Wrangel,
myself, in case Knight or Maurer are not able to remain, I do
not feel justified in giving out such an interview. However,
without comitting myself definitely, I think I can word it
so that the same meaning might be inferred.

Regarding plans for the trip — it is still too
early for me to have formulated complete plans, for I do not
know exactly what sort of a contract Lowman has made with Allen.
However, I do not think it advisable to leave Nome unless the
ship is outfitted for one year.

I intend to go from Nome across to East Cape,
, and then if the Season is an exceptionally open one
will try for the direct route to Wrangel, but in case I meet
much ice will follow the Siberian Coast northward to North
, where I will land a Depot, to fall back on in case of
shipwreck, for I shall spare no effort to get to Wrangel. If

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