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up, I am sure. ¶. I wonder what people will
say about my staying here alone with the
? Crawford and I talked the matter
over thoroughly and altho I disliked staying
and he disliked my staying here with her
we came to the conclusion that it was the
best thing to do. V.S., I am sure will agree
to that. And with some discretion, I am
sure the three who have just left can soften
things down a lot, when they get to Nome.
The woman does not seem to mind it, and
to be perfectly frank, I think she is rather,
xx glad of the circumstances, for as I
stated long ago, she is most anxious to "get"
a white man. No chance as far as I'm concerned.

- 11:30 P.M

Still howling from the East. Just got up a short
time ago. xxx A little snow drifted in on the tent
but not enough to do any damage. Rather hard
luck for the travelers, but possibly they are far
enough S. to be out of the blow. At least it will
be a side wind for them, and tho inconvenient
they will still be able to travel. The woman is
spending her time knitting & I, reading.

Still blowing hard. Had to go out side this A.M. and
rustle a little wood. Blowing and drifting as hard
as I have ever seen it. Cold. Clear over head.

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