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Maurer & Galle to their traps. A fox had taken one of
Maurer's traps during the night and another fox
had been caught but got away. Galle got nothing.
Crawford and I doing a few odd jobs. Clear & cold.

Maurer to his traps. Lost another trap but
caught nothing. Galle, Crawford and I getting
things ready for the trip. Clear, cold & calm.

Maurer to his traps. no luck. The rest of us at
at odd jobs about camp. The thermometer
dropped to -56° last night; Clear & calm

Started blowing last night from the W. and
blew all day and drifted hard. Now, 6 P.M
Calm, clear & getting cold. The fellows are
figuring on getting away day after tomorrow.

Maurer to his traps. No luck and no tracks. Crawford
intended leaving in the morning and all hands have
been busy but the departure has been delayed till
day after tomorrow. Clear. Light breeze from E. Cold.

All ready to leave and the start is timed for tomorrow.
Maurer to his traps. No luck. Clear. Light breeze from W.

They're off. At 9:10 A.M. A nice clear day

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