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making clothing. It has been decided that Crawford
Maurer & Galle will attempt, in a few days to go to
Nome, via. Siberia. I will remain here as camp keeper
for the reason that I think I would be unwise
to attempt the said trip. (See entry for ).
The only objection to this plan as far as I am concerned
is the fact that I will be left alone with the native
. But one of the things about this country
is the fact that circumstances sometimes demand
actions that would reprehensible on the "outside". I
am sure that anyone looking at this case clearly,
will see that there is nothing else to be done. It is
impossible for two men to make the trip (so I think)
with only 5 dogs, and as grub is short here, it is
essential for the party to split. It is very likely that
V.S. will be expecting news from us this spring, for
when we left him in Seattle in , he suggested
the trip. The woman and I will have about 6 hard bread
each a day until the seals & birds arrive. This is not
counting on what foxes I hope to catch on the two
trap lines that I intend to take over, or perhaps a
bear. We will also have about 2 pokes of seal blubber
and 5 or 6 gals. of bear oil. Altho we realized
that it xx was very cold on our short trip. I was surprised
to find that most of the time it was below -40° and
last night it dropped to -51°. Clear, cold and calm.
The sun came all the way above the horizon today

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