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on to main camp and sending Galle back the
next day to help me. It is too far for us to go
with the sled in one jump and Crawford
wants to get to camp and rest his toe.
My scurvy pains were very pronounced to-
day and part of the time it was painful
walking. The only thing fresh that we have
which I could use as an antiscorbutic is
sour seal oil and I have eaten all that I
could hold nearly every day for some time, but
no signs of relief yet. Clear & very cold. Both
of my hel heels have deep cracks in them, which
makes walking painful. Of all the trips I have
ever participated in, long or short, this
one is the worst for hard luck (or is it

Saw the Sun Today
Home again. Broke camp at 8 A.M. and arrived
at camp at 12:45. And found the three people
comfortably living in the large 10 x 12 tent.
They have only caught one fox since we left
and Maurer did that. We saw several old
tracks of foxes today and one or two new one.
No bear tracks. Very cold & clear. Wonderful
going all day.

Maurer & Galle to their traps. No luck. No fresh
tracks. Crawford and I resting up. The woman is busy

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