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1 fox M
Altho the other volume of my diary is not
quite full I am starting this Vol II today. Galle
and Maurer to their traps. Galle got nothing and
saw no tracks. Maurer found a dead, frozen fox in
his traps and the paw of another one. Crawford
busy outside. I have been busy packing up today
as we hope to set away in a day or two. Clear & calm

Maurer & Galle to their traps. No luck. Crawford and I
are about ready to leave which we will probably do to-
morrow. Clear, calm and cold. Galle reports that
from the old camp site, signs of open water can be
seen to the S. & S.W.E. These signs cannot be seen
from here, however

Crawford and I spent the day getting ready, loading the
sled, getting things together etc etc. Maurer & Galle to
their traps. Galle got nothing & Maurer got a female fox,
and saw several tracks. ¶. At 1 A.M. Crawford &
I started due South over fine going and making good
time. We traveled just an hour and hit broken up young
ice with soft snow inbetween. The moon is about 1/4 on
the wane and it was slightly misty as we went East
along the rought ice for 2 1/2 hrs. After numerous tip-overs
because of increasing darkness we camped. it We are
now about 6 mi. East of camp and a mile off shore
Our load is rather heavy and the dogs soft from inaction

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