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will be left until next summ summer. The dory is
still there. There are a few scraps of skin and bones
which might come in handy later in the winter
which I intend to gather up and haul tomorrow. There
have been no sigh signs of open water for some time and
unless a bear or two comes along soon the dog feed will
bee getting scarce. One fresh fox track. Clear & calm.


I went to old camp with dogs and brought back some things we had
forgotten. The others were busy picking up about camp. Hauled a load
of wood. A few fresh fox tracks. The woman is busy repairing
clothing. Clear, calm, & cold. No sign of snow.

max -10
min -18

Took a day off and did nothing but cut a little wood. Clear
cold and variable airs. No signs of snow in the air.

max 2
min -14

Galle went to the old camp today and set up 4 traps. He saw
several fox tracks there but no signs of bears. Crawford
and I hauled 5 large loads of wood from across the harbor
mouth, a distance of about 1/4 of a mile away. Maurer busy
about camp. The woman is scraping skins for clothing.
Clouding up in the W. and getting warmer. Light breeze
from the West.

max -8
min -20.5

Overslept today as did nothing but cut wood. Light
breeze from the N. Slightly cloudy

max -4.5
min -20.5

Galle set 9 more traps to the East today. Saw only

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