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max -4
min -13

Crawford and I took another load to the other camp. A small bear
had been on our sled trail some time during last night and had
followed it a short distance. Two bears in two nights. Wish
we could be fortunate enough to see one. A couple of fresh
fox tracks. Galle has set a couple of traps and last night
a fox sprang one but got away. Clear. Light breeze from the East.
About two or three more loads are left and we intend trying
to move all of it tomorrow.

Max 9
Min -13

This morning, Maurer and I took a load to the other camp site
consiting of the tent, stove and sleeping gear. Maurer remain-
ed there and he and Galle put up the tent in the frame that
we had erected previously. I returned to Crawford and he
and I brought another load. The chances for snow-
blocks to cover the roof seem poor as the ground is
about bare and the weather is so cold that it is not
likly to snow. However we have a good stove and
plenty of wood, so we huddle about the stove and
try to find topics for converation. The stove is a
cheap wood range, Mablewood model, made by
Lang Stove works, Seattle, and has been going steady
for 14 months, and except a few replacements in
the fire box, is as good as new. Certainly a good buy.
A few fresh fox tracks. Fresh breeze from the East. Clear.

max -10
min -12

Crawford and I brought the remainder of the camp gear
down today which leaves nothing but some things which

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