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ice was unchanged. Crawford and I just had time to haul a
load of wood before dark. We hauled it on the sea ice, the first
load since the ice went out some time ago. We saw three or four
fox tracks, but no signs of bears. Cloudy and fresh for from N.

max 7

Maurer, Galle and I took a load to the other camp today
consisting of the stone tent, Galles sleeping gear and several
cases of hard bread. We pitched the tent there and Galle
remained, using the stove which we had in the trapping
camp last winter. A couple of fresh fox tracks and a
fresh bear track about 1/2 mi. W of camp. Blowing
a strong breeze from the E. with snow. Drifting

max 18
min -10.5

Crawford and I took a large load to the other camp today and
made slow time as the going was slow because of an inch of
slush on the ice. Galle had seen a seal on the ice and had had a
try at it but no luck. No tracks of any animals were seen.
Variable winds all day. Now (midnight) Clear, calm & cold.

max 13
min 2

Crawford and I took all the seal poles to the other camp today.
Only one fox track seen. Maurer busy about camp, and the
woman is making me a sleeping bag. Cloudy & calm.

max 5
min -5.0

Blowing a very strong gale from the N N W and drifting
heavily. Rather cold in the tent but we had plenty of wood and
a good stove so was not so bad off. The last of the bear
meat was et eaten on Nd The interior of the
tent is covered with hoar frost.

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