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as far E. as we can see. West of here the young ice was cracked
and was gently rising and falling but off shore from us the ice
is in small pieces and many of them have been east on the beach.
No water can be seen off shore but there is water sky all along the
horizon at. a long way off shore. I think that the whole ocean is
open and the surf there must be very heavy to effect the ice as far
away as this ice along the shore. Crawford took a walk to the other
camp to get some tea and saw one fresh fox track. Blowing a
gale all day and drifting. Stayed in camp. Clear over head.

max 20
min 9.5

We were caught today by a howling gale from the East and
no wood, so stayed in our bags and shivered. Last night we
had to get up and pull the dory up further as a tremen-
dous surf arose. The only ice in sight are large cakes
and from all appearences the sea is nearly clear of ice
for miles. Drifting heavily.

max 17
min 10

The strong wind let up early this morning so Crawford
and Maurer went to the harbor mouth to try sealing. Maurer
got two shots, and following our custom, missed. A bear
had been to the other camp and had sniffed about. Another
bear had been to within 200 W. of camp during yesterday's
blow. They saw numerous gulls, some old sqaws, an
Eider and several fresh fox tracks. Galle and I hauled
a load of wood from the East and cut some. A heavy surf
is still running. but what seems to be the main pack can
be seen on the horizon. Clear & cold. Variable airs.

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