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when I first sang out, but it was a bear, I
am certain for I watched him thru the glasses
for a couple of minutes before I said any
thing about it. After dark it started to blow
a gale from the S.E. Cloudy. Occas. snow.

Blowing a strong gale from the S.E. Had to
anchor the tents down. The lead off-shore
that opened up a few days ago has closed as
far E. & W. as we can see. Cut wood late in
afternoon snowing furiously. Crawford &
I are starting to figure on a trip across the
ice to Siberia, next spring, and there to the
nearest wireless station, very likely, Nome, but
possibly Anadir Bay south of East Cape. We
have only 5 dogs, but good ones, and a rather
rickity sled which I intend to overhaul as soon
as we move to our new winter camp. We will
have another opportunity to demonstrate the
"Living off the country" which has never ? failed
yet as far as the Stefansson expedition are

Blowing, snowing and drifting from the East

Blowing from the East. Occasional snow.

Intended to start moving yesterday but the

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