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fat. Light breeze from East. Cloudy

max 35
min 29.5

The nicest day we have had for a long time.
The sun actually shone for several consequetive
hours with a dead calm. General duties .. The
last couple of days Galle has been trying out
bear blubbler for cooking purposes and we have
on hand about 40 (?) gals. of nice clear oil.

max 44.5
min 31

Great numbers of geese & Brant flying West every
night usually about 11 P.M. every night. General duties

max 44.5
min 32

General duties. Light breeze from the West. Foggy

max 36.5
min 27.5

1 goose K
1 goose M.

A large bear was spotted this afternnon about 3/4
of a mile to the W. on the beach, coming this
way. Crawford, Maurer & Galle set out in ten-
ding to hide near the other side of the river &
wait for him to come up. He (the bear) however
started up the W. side of the river and Craw &
Galle both took after him. The bear saw the two
men and the last we saw of Mr Bear
was a white streak going North. Variable
puffs of strong wind, mostly from the South


max 40.5
min 27

Awoke to find the ice on the beach. A seal
seen on the ice off shore but impossible to launch
the dory. Maurer & I each killed a goose

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