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about 30 Old Squaws. Where have the Eiders gone to? es-
pecially the males. Saw a fresh bear track on the beach.
in the sand about 2 miles W. of here headed this
way. When I arose this A.M. the ground was cou-
vered with about 2 inches of snow which soon melted.
Hazy and cloudy. Lgt. br. from W. Expect Galle home tomorrow

max 43
min 31

Galle & Maurer arrived here at 7.45 P.M. and Crawford
an hour later as he had sore feet. They only went as far
as Skeleton R. and turned back because of bad weather,
no game etc. They only had 1 Brant between the three
while they were gone altho Maurer killed 4 old squaws
which drifted out of reach.

max 41
min 31

General duties. Stayed in camp. Saw a great
many geese flying W. One band, we estimated to be over 1000

max 45.2
min 32

I took a walk to the W. and did not see a duck or
goose. Saw one owl, the first for a long time and
had a long rage shot & missed. Lgt. Br. E. Clear. drizzled

max 40.5
min 32.5

A nasty miserable day with a fresh breeze all
day from the East with heavy fog. General duties

1 bear
max 36
min 36

A large bear was seen on the ice off shore
from camp and it took to water coming in to -
ward camp. We lie lined up along the beach
and Maurer killed it. A large female, very

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