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off shore and from here it seems to extend a long the
horizon East & West as far as we can see. In the lead between the
ice floe and the beach are smaller pieces that are
continually moving back and forth. Crawford &
Maurer are getting ready to take a trip to Waring's Pt.
and possibly farther. Foggy. Variable airs.

max 51.5
min 32.5

2 Brant } K
1 old squaw

Crawford Galle and Maurer, each with a pack started this morning for
Waring's Pt (as possibly farther). Galle accompanied them intending to go
only as far as Skeleton R and return. I took a walk to the West
a short distance and killed an old squaw duck and two Brat
Brant. Foggy all day. Light breeze from the W. I heard a large
number of walrus to the West today but was unable to see them for fog

max 38
min 33

1 bear K
Awakened at 3 A.M. by the dogs. Rushed out and and saw a
bear on the beach about 100 yds. East of camp slowly
walking towards the water. One shot. A large male and
very fat. Shot them both shoulders. Skinned him and
covered the meat with a tarpaulin to keep sea-gulls
from stealing. I still have a rather sore hip I left
the meat at the place the bear was killed and will wait
until I some of the fellows come back. Yesterday a
great many geese were heard flying East but was
unable to see them through fog. Foggy all day. Rain,
hail and snow. Walrus could be heard to the West.

max ---
min ---

I took a long walk to the West after ducks. No luck.
Saw a loon, 2 female Eiders with young, 8 Brant and

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