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1 old male squaw K
max 45.0
min 34.0

A thick foggy day. I got a shot at a seal (an a
bearded seal) but I missed. The only seal seen all
day. Maurer & Galle cleaning bear skins. I
shot an ''old squaw" duck. General duties. Str. breeze W.

Max 42.0
Min 33.0

1 seal G.
1 Eider K

Finished cleaning bear skins. Galle got one female seal
which he made into a "poke". Crawford with one dog to
pack his blanckets started West this evening to look
for a pass thru the mountains. I went a short way
with him and saw several seals to the West on
the ice. I tried to get near but the snow was
frozen and the pools of water was covered with
young ice and even being as quiet as I could be
the seals heard me and went down on hearing the
noise. I shot one female "Eider." Light breeze
from the East. Nearly cloudless.

4 seals M
1 seal G

Max 41.0
Min --

Maurer got four seals today, 1 males, 3 females.
Galle got another to the West, a female. He shot
an ugrug which slid into his hole. I spent the
day andat various duties about camp. After Maurer's
return home Galle and I took the dogs and sled and
hauled home all but one of Maurer's seals The
fourth one we could not find on account of a
fog arising. I wish to state here that the seam-
is doing wonderfully well and is cheerful.
Foggy. Light breeze from the East.

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