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xxxxxx Light
breeze from the N. Cloudy.

Max -5.5
Min -12.0

Blowing a gale from the W.N.W. this morning
so Galle & I got a big gole off our hands. We
built a dog house, by digging out a large room
in a snow drift and all around small
chambers dug, one for each dog. The door opens
in our ally way so one does not have to go out-
side to feed the dogs, rather inconvienent in
stormy weather. The temperature dropped last
night to -29° so the dogs were glad to get in -
side. We also cut some wood. Open water could
be seen to the Southand and if in sight tomorrow
we will try sealing. The gale let up about 5 P. M
and now (10:30 P.M) Clear, cold and light br. from

Max -14.0
Min -29.0

1 Bear
Arose early to go sealing but there was a fresh
breeze from the N. Cloudy and foggy, consequently
nearly dark. Galle went to his traps and I went
to the trapping camp and hauled a big log for fire wood
A bear had been at their camp yesterday and had
tried to come into their storm shed, but he left
rather hurridly after some inefectual shooting.
It was nearly dark when I started home and
blowing a gale from the N. and drifting so thickly
that at times I could not see the leader. But

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