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out to the S.E. We arrived at the spot where
I had killed the seal 2 days ago but we
could not find it. The open water was
still farther out so we continued S.E.
over very thin ice untill we were about 3
miles from camp. We could see the lead
a quarter of a mile farther out which
could not be reached for the ice was only
a few hours old. The open water ran in an
East & West direction direction and about 2
miles went of us a point of ice ran South
from the beach. We retraced our tracks nearly
in to the beach and arrived at last at the
point where the same condition confronted
us an at the spot we had left. There was
nothing to do but to return to camp which we
reached just before dark. The dogs have been, now
for several weeks with out blubber and
only cooked food, and consequently, are rather
poor, altho they are not doing much. As
trapping has been very poor latly, I am taking
Galle with me, for I figure that two men sealing
is a great deal better than one. Also for each
[xxx][ xxx] for a great deal of thin ice must
be crossed to to reach the lead. We still refuse to
give bel the women a thing to eat, she continues
to steal grub (hard bread, mostly) and xxx
refuses to do work. I think, however, she is

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