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this afternoon, both of us will try sealing tomorrow

Max -9.0
Min -17.0

Galle and I went sealing to day in a lead about
2 miles S. W. of camp. It is so wide that ice
could not be seen on the other side. On our
arrival at the lead two seals popped up and
after some rather inefectual shooting I killed
one which floated rapidly East to some young
ice where we could not get at it. At this
time a gale suddenly arose from the North
with heavily drifting snow and we were
forced to return to camp. The blow lasted until
8 P. M. this evening but it is now calm
& nearly clear. We saw several fox tracks
along the edge of the lead, but no bear tracks.
Will try our luck again tomorrow. The
is still the same. Refuses to talk.

Max -6.0

Galle and I built an alley way in front of
the storm shed, for previously after every blow
we had to dig away a great drift from the door.
Galle is not feeling good this evening. Complains
of his head and stomach bothering him. Probably
indigestion xxxx breeze
from the N. Drifting but clear over head.

Max -4.0
Min -8.5

Open water was to be seen all along the horizon
this morning at day break as Galle and I set

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