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our seamstress (?) to make some skin socks
and mittens, and told her to start scraping
a deer skin. When I returned from out on the ice I found her gone, where I could
not acertain. I hitched up the dogs and
put up a pole with a box nailed to it
half way between this camp and the
other camp. I then went to the other camp
with some traps and incedentals for
them and returned home, bringing a
load of wood with me. When I arrived
at camp I found Galle home and the
just arrived. She said that
she had been out on the ice wandering
around following a fox track. That is
all I could get out of her. Consequently
she went supperless to bed. She will not
work and sits about and disobeys orders
and eats up our food and is being paid
$50 a month for doing the opposite, always.
Some times I think she is a little touched
in the head and other times just plain
ornery. Strong breeze from East. Cold. Cloudy

Max 30.5
Min 21.5

Blowing a light gale all day from the East
with drifting snow as Galle and I celebrated
Thanksgiving (which came yesterday) and stayed
in camp. Cut wood and repaired snow roof

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