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Max 23.6
Min 18.5

All hands hauled a large dory load of timbers for
the house, in fact enough to finish our winter
quarters. All we need now is snow for the
walls and roof. Our seamstress is working ail-
igently and has are winter boots about finished
Snowing. Light breeze from the S.W.

Max 29.2
Min 21.8

It is snowing and there is not a great deal to
do so all hands are taking it easy today. Mostly
reading. Some large ice on the horizon to the
South. Blowing a strong breeze from the S.S.E

Max 32.1
Min 14.9

This morning Galle went East ward to the 3 bears
Killed intending to bring back a ham from one of the
cubs but he returned with the information that the
cubs had been nearly all eaten by the foxes. Hatched
up the dogs for the exercise but did not go far for
lack of snow. Cut a large pile of firewood. Light
breeze from the S.S.E. A few pieces of ice on the
horizon. Very light surf.

2 Bears
Rather a good day for we about 1:30 Pm Galle saw a
bear to the north of camp. Galle and maurer went
after him but the bear saw them and ran to the
west. The two men gave chase as the bear had
been wounded whe he started to run. When about
3 miles W. of camp the pursued bear was rapidly

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