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V. Stefansson Esa., -2.

and this might best be brought about by your writing to him
and saying that you understand he has serious criticisms to
make against you, and that you would like an early opportunity
of meeting him, and at any rate you would like him to
write you fully expressing himself frankly and giving you an
opportunity of correcting what may be errors in his mind.

I believe that you could put this on the basis
of British fairplay, and I think if you can get Professor
Crawford to express himself in writing and then reply to his
criticisms it will do more good than if you write giving
answers to charges that you have heard of through me.

We must keep before us the fact that both Mr.
and Mrs. Crawford are in the depths of despair. They have
lost their son and are intensely unhappy. They have the
sympathy of everyone who comes in contact with them. Their
views are not widespread, and I think are almost entirely
confined to a small University circle, and there is no such
thing as a general Toronto opinion either for or against you.

There is nothing that I can write in this letter
that will adequately convey to you my own feeling of sympathy
towards you in this whole unhappy affair. I know that the
Crawfords in time will be more reasonable and see matters in
their true light, but I feel that it is our duty now to try
and save them from themselves, so that they will not be led
into the great error of musing premature statements to
newspapers that once made would be very difficult to retract, and
would certainly do no good to any of the parties concerned.

I am leaving to-night for New York, and will be
at the Canadian Club there at least until 6.40 Friday evening,
and may possibly stop over until Saturday evening at the same

Yours sincerely,
{signature here}

P.S. Please send me with your comments the draft letters which
I wrote to Mr. Brewer. I feel we should send these on promptly
so as not to keep him waiting unduly for an acknowledgement of
his letter.


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