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having first pulled it into the water. At five o'clock every-
body returned safely and brought along a few wild geese killed
on the lakes.

During the absence of the captain, we noticed a rather
strong current from the NNE. To determine its speed, we
dropped the log and found 2 1/4 knots.

After the arrival of the rowboats the wind that blue from
the NE gradually Started to shift through the N to the NW. We
hastened to weigh anchor and, taking a course to the SW, ap-
proached the Asiatic shore.

Lying close hauled on a starboard tack, we saw East Cape
on the 23rd to the SW at a discance of 80 miles. Then, a
changing wind let us go north again. Then, a
changing wind let us go north again. Taking a NNW course we
went along the ice, remaining as heretofore in a mass near
the shore, and at dawn of the 24th, sighted Caoe Serdtse Kamen
on a traverse* at a distance of 37 miles. From it, the ice
continued to the NE as before. We approached to a distance
of 1 1/2 miles, and then sighted a rather large expanse of
clear water toward the NW. The captain immediately ordered
us to enter it. This clearing started to narrow gradually,
and when we went into it about 15 miles, on the horizon was
disclosed massive ice in enourmous blocks, behind which rose
high terraces like mountains of quartz rocks, filling every-
thin in our sight in the expanse of the sea toward the north and

* traverse means a perpendicular to the course.

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