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be printed for more than a year.

I don't think I tild you that the Indian Arts and Crafts Board
decided that they couldn't use the scrimshaw photos that you so
kindley sent me, so they got some others. I'm sorry they could not
use them.

Have you made any northern trips lately? Last evening, I met a
lovely young woman, wife of First secretary, Norwegian Embassy,
who once was a nurse in Greenland. Have you seen the material that
Heinz Israel of the Dresden Mesum has been putting [out] about Greenland?
His latest is Kulturwandel gronldndischer Eskimo im 18. Jahrhundert
(Wandlungen in Gesellschaft und Wirtachaft unter dem Einfluss der
Hernbuter Brudermission (Moravians!), Akademi-Verlag, Berlin, 1969.
(Vol. 29)

With best wishes,

Sinserely your,
Dorthy Jean Ray

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The umlaut diacritic is missing from lines 14 and 16