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Alaska published before 1868 (Yale 1969), but I found that he discusses
this book under his No. 88, page 312. However, he says that this is
Wickersham's No. 6585, 5685 but in checking the Wickersham, I find that
6585 refers to Berkh's Aleutian Island history. Therefore, Lada-
's Bibliography is the first reference to this publication,
although I vaguely recall a reference in some German account to some-
thing like "Berkh's journeys to the north" -- I can't dredge it up at
the moment. The Library of Congress does not have Volume II of this
history--only Volume I, which has only a little applicable [?? for] Alaska.

Therefore, my entire project is this: Combine Berkh's summary of
the expedition, Hillsen's account of the Good Intent (1820-1821),
Shishmarev's observations of the Chukchi (1821), and the short
progress reports into one publication about this expedition.
It will be tied together with my bibliographic observations and
an introduction and notes that will place it historically and ethno-
graphically, geographically, etc. with northern affairs at that time,
including the overlapping journeys of Khromchenko and Etolin in 1821
and 1822.

I have just finished this chapter of Russian exploration so all of
the material is still fresh in mind.

I shall forward the pages and translations as soon as Mrs. Josephson
and I have been able to get together, hopefully this week-end.

With best of wishes, and many thanks,

Sincerely yours,

Dorothy Jean Ray

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